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LERADO FIN (1225) Is Yet to See Trading Action on Mar 8

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March 8, 2018 – By Vivian Park

Shares of LERADO FIN (HKG:1225) closed at 0.13 yesterday. LERADO FIN currently has a total float of 2.25B shares and on average sees shares exchange hands each day. The stock now has a 52-week low of 0.12 and high of 0.13.

HSI: A Powerful Asian Economy Indicator

The Asian economy is rampantly growing and it is countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, and China that are leading the whole Asian equity market. Singapore and Hong Kong, for example, have recently been named by CG Watch as the top two countries in Asia with the best corporate governance in 2016. These countries are home to two of the most influential stock exchanges in the world, the Singapore Exchange (SGX) and the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (SEHK). Both are subjects of LERADO FIN interest.


With a total market capitalization of HK$24.68 trillion and a listing of nearly 2,000 companies as of 2015, the SEHK is Asia’s third biggest stock exchange and the world’s sixth biggest stock exchange. It was established in 1891 with its benchmark index, the Hang Seng Index (HSI), being first published in 1969.

Since that time all companies, like LERADO FIN want to see their names in SEHK lists. Regular trading on the SEHK starts at 9:30 a.m. and lasts until 4:00 p.m. Meanwhile, pre-market trading lasts for 30 minutes starting at 9:00 a.m.

The HSI measures the top 50 companies on the SEHK, representing more than half of its total market capitalization. Its foundation is the brainchild of Ho Sin Sang, Hang Seng Bank (HSB) Chairman; Lee Quo-wei, HSB Director; and Stanley Kwan, HSB Head of Research. Primarily, they had founded the HSI to serve as the Dow Jones Industrial Average (HSI) of Hong Kong.

The components of the HSI are classified into four sectors since January 1985. These sectors include Utilities, Materials, Financials, and Energy— the biggest sector.

For a company to be eligible as a component of the HSI, it must belong to both the top 90% of the total market capitalization of common shares and total turnover on the SEHK, respectively. It must also be listed on the SEHK at least 24 months prior to the review date. Exceptions apply to companies that exhibit compelling market capitalization and liquidity. The same goes for LERADO FIN company. In such cases, companies can already be eligible as components even if they have just been listed on the SEHK for three months prior to the review date, which happens quarterly.

HSI Performance

The HSI had posted its all-time low of 58.61 in August 1967. In December 1993, it had first attained the 10,000 mark. In December 2006, it had first attained the 20,000 mark.

Before the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 broke out, the HSI had first attained the 30,000 mark in October 2007. As a result, the HSI had posted its all-time high of 31,638.22 during the same month. The massive gains during that time are highly attributed to investors flocking safe-haven equity markets such as that of Hong Kong in anticipation of the Global Financial Crisis of 2008.

A year after attaining its all-time high, the HSI had lost more than 67%, falling back to the 10,000 mark in October 2008. In July 2009, the HSI had slowly recouped, attaining the 20,000 mark once again. It was highly appreciated by LERADO FIN and its investors.

With a rich history backing the success and potentials of the SEHK, it is a guarantee that investors will gain interesting returns from their investments in Hong Kong’s equity market.

More recent LERADO FIN (HKG:1225) news were published by: Reuters.com which released: “UPDATE 2-Hong Kong’s second board plumbs record lows amid market jitters” on June 28, 2017. Also Bloomberg.com published the news titled: “Hong Kong Small Cap Stock Plunge Wipes Out $6.1 Billion in Value” on June 27, 2017. Reuters.com‘s news article titled: “Hong Kong penny-stock crash firm says two executives arrested” with publication date: December 08, 2017 was also an interesting one.

Lerado Financial Group Company Limited, an investment holding company, makes and distributes medical care products and children plastic toys in Hong Kong and internationally. The company has market cap of $292.51 million. It operates in five divisions: Medical Products and Plastic Toys Business, Trading of Garments, Securities Brokerage Business, and Money lending business and Other Financial Services; and Assets Management Service. It currently has negative earnings. The firm offers mobility aids and other health care equipment; provides financial services, including securities broking, margin financing, underwriting and placements, and money lending; trades in garment accessories, such as nylon type, polyester, and polyester string; and provides asset management services.

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