Water does best in down month for cleantech stocks : RenewEconomy

Water does best in down month for cleantech stocks : RenewEconomy

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The Australian CleanTech Index fell from 65.71 to 65.48 over the month of January recording a 0.3% loss. This compared to the ASX200 gain of 0.03% and the ASX Small Ordinaries Index loss of 0.1%. The Australian CleanTech 20 fell by 0.6% for the month.

The CleanTech Index continues to outperform the wider market over all the other reported periods with the three-year performance leading the ASX200 by 40%.

The best performing sub-index for the month was the Australian Water Index with a 1.9% gain, led by a 9.5% gain from Reliance Worldwide Corp.

The worst performing sub-index was the Australian Efficiency, Storage & Sustainable Minerals Index that recorded a 2.9% loss for the month led by falls from Syrah Resources and Galaxy Resources.

ACT Australian CleanTech Index

The market capitalisation of the 82 stocks in the Australian CleanTech Index now sits at A$40.8 billion.

The month’s performance included 14 companies with gains of more than 20%. The greatest percentage gains were recorded by Australian Vanadium (AVL), Quantum Energy (QTM) and Battery Minerals (BAT). The greatest market capitalisation gain was recorded by Reliance Worldwide Corp (RWC).

These gains were partially offset by 7 companies recording losses of more than 15% led by BuildingIQ (BIQ), Papyrus Australia (PPY) and Kalina Power (KPO). The greatest market capitalisation loss was recorded by Galaxy Resources (GXY).

These best and worst performers are shown in the table below.

Best Performers Share Price Gain > 20%

Worst Performers Share Price Loss >15%

Quantum Energy
K2 Energy Limited Algae.Tec
Water Resources Group Nanollose

Eden Innovations Battery Minerals Australian Vanadium Volt Resources RedFlow

Protean Wave Energy Vivid Technology HRL Holdings

Leaf Energy
Papyrus Australia BuildingIQ
Cobalt Blue Holdings Lithium Power International Genex Power
Kalina Power

The chart below has been recast from previous reports with the four indices all set to 100 at 31 December 2014.

The Australian CleanTech Index is published each month on the Australian CleanTech website at www.auscleantech.com.au and various high quality domestic and international publications.

Monthly performance reports can be emailed directly by signing up to the distribution list at www.auscleantech.com.au/pages/ACT_Australian_Cleantech_Index.php.

John O’Brien is managing director of the Australian CleanTech Index






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